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31 January 2019 / Ranjana

Week 19 – What will the person I intend to become do next?

This question goes immediately back to the basic of what this life, my life, is all about. This is just great! It reminds me any time about who I really am and what old subby says. What a surprise to have this question after the question of last week. Last week’s question brought old subby back big time for me. And now with this question.. there is clarity, an openness, a new dawn…

From the start I am reading the Business Blueprint Builder daily out loud. In there there is this sentence of “having a clear mental picture of yourself” . For me this is Higher Self. You can also call it: Universe, Source, Love, the witness etc etc.

Who or what is Higher Self for me? It is true power from within, knowing, living in gratitude, seeing kindnesses everywhere, seeing God in everyone, being the observer, to be in the law of giving and receiving.

Actually, all what I am learning in the MKE is about becoming… or realizing with experiences… who I really are! That is this program all about.

So, I took the question, wrote in on 10 indexcards, put it in my piles and I am hanging it in the house. Every time I see it, it is a relief-moment.  Like I am falling out of my old subby and the story in my head/mind.

So, keep on going with the Law of practice! Because…practice makes perfect..

Warm regards, Ranjana

10 October 2018 / Ranjana

Week 3- More peace, more time

Things are changing in myself. It is very subtle and fortunately I notice! It feels like the opposite of last week. That was just chaos. Running behind facts all the time, a big lack of time.. I struggled a lot. I realised this has been for a very long time my blueprint… and still I notice the almost addiction to promise too much, to serve others to much in stead of myself, to do too much work. I notice the addiction of working all the time.

And.. that is the very good thing.. I feel so much more peace inside of me and also more clariry. I guess this is the same 😉  A good example is: this morning I gave for the very first time a webinar I postponed for 2years. And now I just did it! I did not prepare, I was hardly nervous and the feedback was great! It seems this MKS is sinking in, in my old blueprint, “subby” as Mark uses to call it.

I really LOVE this MKS. The texts of the Greatest Salesman and the MKS are so beautiful to read every day. Actually I am looking forward to read! Actually, it seems by this reading that it adds time to my day in stead that it costs me time! I know… it sounds strange, but I experience it. It seems already I have far more time! I do not understand, but I feel it and I see it!

And I like my Marco Polo group with my guide Megan Kruger. She did this MKS last year and now she is guiding a group of 10 (and I am 1 of this team) who does MKS. Thank you Megan for your daily inspirational messages in the Marco Polo app.

The last thing I want to share is I also promised and DID something I promised myself to do about 3 years ago #oops. But now in this MKS I promised it and I did it! So.. things are moving… I am looking forward for more more more concentration, focus, relaxation. And yeah.. I love to meditate every day..  To SIT for 15 min every day after reading the MKS. That I also promised myself to do for a loooong time. And now I am doing it.

Lets call old blueprint “olly” and my new life “newie”!

Newie, here I am and here I come!

Ranjana 🙂

21 March 2019 / Ranjana

Week 24 – Shift! (being vulnerable here)

Last week I was in Barcelona with my boyfriend. There I discovered I am really tired. I realized I thought I can do everything,  I thought I only have to sleep for just a few hours per night, I thought I can take care of everyone all the time etc etc. I got a big wakeup call in the plane to Spain. I see it as a signal from my body I really have to take care of it.

It is so easy to take care of everything and everyone around me that it has turned into a big habit/ pattern. I start to get insights now about my behavior to my body and that is quite confronting.  I took my body for granted. I thought it always works for me all the time, no matter if I did not sleep long enough and did not drink enough water during the day.  I did not take it seriously.

Than 3x a day I asked myself during a long time already” what am I pretending not to know?” And finally I found the answer. I forgot I have a body I need to take care of. I pretended for myself that the Universe (Universal mind) takes care of my body. I pretended that “I am indeed a Godly experience with a human experience” and that is why I forgot I have a body. I know it sound stupid, but I was really in big denial about this.

I always had my focus on work and earning money. Now I have the focus on my health. It is a must! It is priority. I feel this is a big transformation for me. My loved ones have said it before: “take more good care of your body. Go to sleep. Drink more water” etc. Is it not stupid that something must happen with your body, before you finally listen??

Well, it happened to me. And actually, I am glad it happened the way it did. Now I drink more water during the day and go to bed before 10PM and that is at least 3 hours earlier than I used to go to bed. In the afternoon I take a powernap. All big changes.

The idea of “first me, than others” start to come around more often. It is a start of a new journey. I’ll tell you more about it next week.

Warm regards, Ranjana



14 March 2019 / Ranjana

Week 23 – Being in silence…wow!

Last week I was almost 48 hours in silence. It was a wonderful experience! I noticed so much more things that are beautiful. I saw the wind, the leaves of the trees before my house waving in the wind, the cat that climbed in a tree, the sky full of white clouds, changing with blue sky and grey clouds and sun, I saw the astringent rain on the windows… I enjoyed it so much!

I really enjoyed the food. I was really conscious about taking a shower. I saw the waterdrops falling. I read a book. That has been a loooooonnnnggggg time ago !! So..I did a lot of things far more conscious.

And also… it felt so much more quiet in me. The hours of the day. It also felt sometimes somewhat uncomfortable for not grabbing the smartphone and watch Facebook. But I noticed also a big difference; I could listen to my body far more easily and I went to bed pretty early. I wanted to do that already a long time ago, but I found myself distracted a lot of times with work (online) and social media.

And now..this was the time to go to bed at 10PM! So I woke up less tired than I use to do!

I noticed the moments that I felt bored and before the silence I immediately grabbed my phone or put on my laptop. And now I just could see the thoughts coming.. and going! Ahaaa… now I could see they are moving.. in stead of bothering me!

I was more in the NOW. And actually I still am… So.. if you have not done it. Please do!

It really enriches your life!

Warm regards, Ranjana

7 March 2019 / Ranjana

Week 22a- I feel home everywhere

One of the biggest changes for me is that I am free of the fears I had when I started this program. When I started I felt kind of being stuck. Stuck in a threadmill. I did not feel autonomy. I was kind of afraid to go into the world to talk to people. I felt like being locked up in my house. Working all the time. Being a workaholic.

Now after all these months, saying affirmations 3x a day ” I give myself permission to live autonomy” and a lot of other affirmations and doing a lot of the things of MKE, things have changed big time. I go out of my house. I talk to people very easily. I gave a webinar and there were 145 people interested in my subject! I am traveling in the Netherlands, staying here, staying there. Taking away my laptop, working everywhere.

I just love it!!

I noticed I like to move, to travel, meeting new people, working everywhere with my laptop. My world has become so much much much more bigger. It is a BIG difference!

Everything changes when there is more “space” inside. Fear can’t exist in “space”.

And the BIGGEST difference is I feel home everywhere. Whether I am with people I don’t know or who I know… everything is just fine. It makes life so much more easier!

I know now: I have come home in ME, that is why I am home everywhere around the globe. I was always afraid of losing people. Now I notice I was not really at home with myself. So that was the reason I was afraid to be abandoned. Now I feel happy with myself and that is AMAZING to notice/ to feel / to experience.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, healthy, happy, relaxed!

Warm regards, Ranjana


28 February 2019 / Ranjana

Week 22a- Getting back on track

It was great to share with my guide and another teammember in a Zoom-call, that I am busy with getting back on track. For the first time since MKE started, I am not that diciplined anymore and I feel guilty about it. Better said: old subby feels guilty about it. At the same time I feel the big difference when I am on track and when I am NOT on track.

It is also true that the affirmations are now so in my “bloodstream” that I am singing all day long ” I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, healthy, happy, relaxed” and ” I can be what I will to be”. This has become a kind of a new habit.

Even when there are days that I am doing Salesman and everything only 1 time, there are still differences with the old Ranjana. I am more grateful, I am happier, I am more experiencing as if this day is my last day. Things have become more simple.

It is easier to be in the flow of Divine Mind and having a more positive mind than before. It is far more easier to have this 17 seconds fake smile, to start feeling positive again. All these things Mark is offering us, are really working!

I love these practical tools. We also learned about how to turn around our emotions. How we can use our negative emotions to expand who we really are. That is really interesting. I notice my first emotion is “anger”. When something happens by which I let myself being influenced in a negative way, I feel anger. And indeed…that is a POWERFUL energy which I can use for doing things I postponed for a long time.

So.. it is good to notice that even that I am not that diciplined like in the beginning and getting back on track again.. a lot of new habits I live already! That is huge! What a gift!!

Looking forward to next week!

Warm regards, Ranjana

22 February 2019 / Ranjana

Week 22 – Uncomfortable and changes!

It is already week 22 of the MKE. And what I notice of myself: old subby is in the way since a week or so. And what a difference when I don’t do the work and when I do the work! When I don’t do the work – reading, sitting, writing, affirming- I feel the same quiet desperation what the reason was to start the MKE. And when I do the work- even it is only 1 “round” immediately the feeling of “YES LIFE HERE I AM” is back!

The difference is enormously! So I am picking up the good work again. Reading, sitting, affirming, writing, being grateful, more aware of the joy etc etc.  When old subby is in charge, there is this lousy feeling, feeling bored, a don’t know what to do, the things I promised myself to do.. are not happening. I -old subby- feel disconnected. And old subby is projecting its negative emotions on others and everything else.

And when I notice, I start doing Law of forgiveness to the Future Me. And to others. And that helps! I noticing also another habit: the habit I have to do everything all by myself in stead of doing things together. Yes, I ask for help but then I am not making decisions. There is somewhat a “blur”.

What do I really want? One day it feels like I am on my way to DMP. Next day I am not sure about my DMP.  I know how I want to feel ,but what do I want to do?  Things are moving inside of me. My home doesn’t feel like my home anymore. I want to move to another city. My partner and I will live on our own after living together now for 2 years. We feel like being alone more. So..things are changing.. and it feels good and also somehow uncomfortable.

So…change. Big changes. So.. again I am asking myself: what do I want? My DMP is still not clear. My guide Megan is suggesting some great stuff, but I am not sure what to do. Maybe that is what is most in the way: old subby who tells itself, it doesn’t know what it wants and it tells itself “he” HAS to know it. This is not a good position! 😉

Or is there anything else going on? Do I have a blind spot here? If yes, please help me out!

Warm regards, Ranjana Hubach


14 February 2019 / Ranjana

Week 21- I am very happy !

A shift took place. I notice it very clearly in myself and around me. The mental picture I made about myself, is coming true. I can be what I will to be. And that is: just being happy without conditions, making compliments, focusing on kindnesses and doing them myself, feeling grateful, saying in silence to others “I love you”.

Because I live this day as if it is my last day, things are really looking more “real” than ever before. Things do have more color, I see beautiful things, everything and everyone has this “glow”. I live “fully”, more fully and intense than ever before!

Actually I feel very happy. I notice the energy around me is joyful. I feel positive, I have self-confidence, I easily talk to strangers. Yes..  a lot of positive things are happening. I am feeling more and more that I am a part of the Universal Mind and that It molds and brings out dominant thoughts.

And as a part of the Universal Mind I can choose my thoughts and feelings (because I can be what I will to be). I make heart connections easily, my talk to strangers are really focusing on “can I help” and it feels great!

I have far more positive thoughts than ever before, because I am focusing on positivity. And it is working out! My team is growing fast. My DMP is more clear, the affirmations 3x a day are helping, Earl Nitingale and money is coming in more easy and with more confidence.

And I love to sing along with the song “I am so happy”. Try it! It works!

I wish you all lots of happiness, love and abundance!

Warm regards, Ranjana


7 February 2019 / Ranjana

Week 20 -Remarkable difference

For the very first time ever I took my mom for a wellness weekend trip. I paid everything and it felt/ feels so good. I never had the finances for such a thing, but now I do. It was on my bucketlist. I wanted to thank my mom for all her help and support with my business. And finally it was the moment…

The nicest part was, when she said she wanted to pay the half of the stay. And I said: ‘we’ll see”. But I knew already for myself that I wanted to pay everything. At the end of the weekend, before she could ask for the check, I had already paid. And I said to her:” I have let you think that you would pay the half of this stay. Otherwise you would not take another wine, or dessert or apple pie. And now you ordered what you want. And that is what I wanted to! Not holding back a thing!”

My mom was amazed and proud and touched… and I felt/ feel this wonderful Law of Giving and Receiving. Indeed, giving IS receiving. We had a wonderful time, we laughed and we talked … It was just great!

By doing this program, I am putting my mind right. That means I am thinking far more positive. I actually have a lot of positive thoughts. And the most remarkable thing for myself was that every time my mom said something negative or “it could be better if…”sentences, – I said out loud: ” God” . I noticed then, that I have become so much more positive in my thinking. It felt so quiet in myself. It was /is almost uncomfortable.

Being more in the moment- the change of my thoughts and feelings- there is not so much to say anymore.. I notice there are a lot of stories. Everyone has a story. Everybody is sharing stories about people what they do/ have done to them/ with them etc. If I am not joining them… it seems almost I am on a other planet.

I see definitely the good side of this. And… it feels a bit uncomfortable…Finding my way in this. To start feeling good in this stillness…

I am curious about you. How are you dealing in this program Master Key Experience, with this new side of you? Let me know!

Warm regards, Ranjana

25 January 2019 / Ranjana

Week 18- What am I pretending not to know?

Last webinar Mark said to meditate on this question. I sat a few times with it. And I came up with some old subby stuff. Somewhere there is still a little voice saying to me that there is a way out. That there is always a way out. I guess that is the reason that I for the very first time notice I am too late with this blog. It is the first time.

It is like self-fulfilling prophecy; when there was not that question, I did what I had to do. And now there is this profound question and I am too late. Isn’t that strange?

I also noticed for the very first time last week, I was not that diciplined anymore. I notice a few days I did my first round at about 3 in the afternoon in stead of first thing in the morning. I still can’t figure out really why this is like this.

What has triggered this question in me? There is a little voice (old subby) who says that old subby CAN be right. That it is not always “nessecary” to NOT follow old subby.  And actually I still kind of believe in it. #blush

So, this week I have kind of slipped in old habits. Procrastination-things. And I am not sure what the main reason is. If you have an idea, I like to read it in the comments. What do you notice by yourself if you are also following the MKE? And if you do not follow this program, what do you think is going on here?

Warm regards, Ranjana

17 January 2019 / Ranjana

Week 17- Challenges

My dad was in the hospital. He was never in the hospital as a patient, only as a doctor. So.. I had some challenges about keep on doing the Master Key Experience, 1,5- 2 hours a day, because my mind was somewhat worried. I also did not keep my promises about the Plan Of Action.

In stead of myself “beating up” for that, I looked what I had done last week. And I changed it on my Plan Of Action indexcard. I wrote: “doing the best I can”. And that is what I did.

Because I was not too accurate with the program last week, except of noticing kindnesses (I did notice a LOT of them!!)  I also notice this week is a kind of a challenge to do everything I used to do before my dad went to the hospital.  That is how old subby  works.

If you let yourself be distracted like I did.. old subby can be stubborn to keep on where you were in the program. But.. I did. I found my New Self again this week and I persist until I succeed! It also has to do with decisiveness. That is my virtue to focus on this week.

And actually.. I am quite happy to see and to say.. I noticed already a few decisions of myself! Old subby told me that I “always” (= a typical word for old subby) find it very difficult to decide. Well…. that is just not true!! That is also a nice thing of the MKE: to find out that old subby just says something to be negative, but if you are alert and aware, mostly the opposite is true! That is a real nice discovery!!

I have noticed; when things are really important, I CAN decide. So, that is a good point to start with! I love to give myself compliments and I love to compliment others. Because ” I greet every day with love in my heart. And nothing retards my new life growth”. All sentences of the book of Og Mandino. A must-read!

Henceforth, (a remarkable word!) despite challenges I found my New Self again and I am grateful for that!

Warm regards, Ranjana