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25 January 2019 / Ranjana

Week 18- What am I pretending not to know?

Last webinar Mark said to meditate on this question. I sat a few times with it. And I came up with some old subby stuff. Somewhere there is still a little voice saying to me that there is a way out. That there is always a way out. I guess that is the reason that I for the very first time notice I am too late with this blog. It is the first time.

It is like self-fulfilling prophecy; when there was not that question, I did what I had to do. And now there is this profound question and I am too late. Isn’t that strange?

I also noticed for the very first time last week, I was not that diciplined anymore. I notice a few days I did my first round at about 3 in the afternoon in stead of first thing in the morning. I still can’t figure out really why this is like this.

What has triggered this question in me? There is a little voice (old subby) who says that old subby CAN be right. That it is not always “nessecary” to NOT follow old subby.  And actually I still kind of believe in it. #blush

So, this week I have kind of slipped in old habits. Procrastination-things. And I am not sure what the main reason is. If you have an idea, I like to read it in the comments. What do you notice by yourself if you are also following the MKE? And if you do not follow this program, what do you think is going on here?

Warm regards, Ranjana

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  1. Amy Swift / Jan 26 2019 19:26

    Queen Ranjana thanks for your post. I too have slipped on practicing my guitar… I am going to do it… Do It Now!. I am posting to Facebook. See you next week.

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