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10 January 2019 / Ranjana

Week 16- I love the tiny habits

I write ” tiny ” habits, but these are actually breakthroughs. Every new positive habit is a breakthrough. It fits so well with this month’ scroll: “You are nature’s greatest miracle”. To read this scroll 3x a day is such a big gift. The last 4 months my self-confidence is building up and now with this scroll I can really feel that! And that is a huge difference with the beginning of this program!

I notice I have really much to give (“from the channels I enrich”) and now I truly become aware of giving. I did that often very automatically, but since I am aware of it, I experience more the “Law of giving and receiving”. Awareness is the first step of transformation, so I am very happy!

And- and this is very important for me- I keep on getting better every day with being on time on appointments, assignments and keeping my commitments. Last week I showed up 10 minutes too early at my mom’s place, and she was amazingly surprised that I was on time. It gave me a very good feeling about myself and also I was happy for my mom!

I start to feel this whole program as one big adventure, a very new experience I do for myself! I start to see how things work in the subby, the conscious mind and the Universal Mind. I start to see things in place where they “come from” and because I can “divide” them now, I can consciously work with the 7 Laws of the mind. This is for me about living in peace, living in gratitude, living in the Now.

Because I choose my thoughts and that is why I experience far more positive thoughts than ever before!

Thank you Mark, Davene, Lori and Derek for this amazing program!

Warm regards, Ranjana



3 January 2019 / Ranjana

Week 15- 2019: The best year of my life

2019 will be the best year of my life. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I AM RE-BORN. This year I am going to feel it even more!  I start to feel it already. That feels amazingly great. I know myself of pretty  sensitive and I was not always that stable I wanted to feel.  Sensitivity also has its beautiful qualities, but it has also some difficult parts in it, like being easily influenced.

Now, doing MKE  there comes an objectivity in my life I experienced already some of it, but now it becomes more on the foreground. Being an observer, thinking and speaking positively, really understanding why things were so difficult sometimes for me.

I understand now how the subconscious works and the cooperation with the Universal Mind and the conscious mind. And just now  I REALLY understand why it is so important to think positive.  Till now it was more like a “trick” for me: doing affirmations, but there was not always that ongoing enthusiastic feeling with it. You know why? Because I did not have the explanation about any cooperation between these three and how this all works.

BIG INSIGHT: Now I understand all human beings do have a negative bias and that we have got the mind to think positively and to use the mind constructively in stead of being a victim of the mind. Now it is GREAT to do affirmations, to read the same stuff over and over, to imprint another consciousness! This makes all the difference!

I have done lots of personal education and workshops and my bookshelfs are full of self help books. But now- with this outstanding coaching weekly from Mark, Davene, Lori en Derek and the guides and the masterminds and the alliances etc etc… It is just GREAT this sequence. How things are built up in this sequence.. It is MAGIC!

I hope that you, when you read this and not doing the MKE, do this programm next year. Because it is so so so.. .. I don’t have words for it! JUST DO IT!

Warm regards, Ranjana


28 December 2018 / Ranjana

Week 14- Blog about movie “Wild”

While reading 3 times a day Scroll III about persistance, the movie “Wild” is a good one. This is really about being persistence.

A young girl goes on a trip after the death of her beloved mother. Her goal is to walk for 3 months. In this time she walks all by herself the Pacific Crest Trail, a walk of 1300 miles through cold- and really hot temperatures. The only thing she physically carries is a heavy backpack with a tent, clothes, a lot of water and a pan. That already is a big thing.

But even more heavy is her mental luggage. While walking a lot of memories of difficult times are coming up. We see her and her mom, playing, being joyful. Her mom was happy, no matter what. And grateful for what she has got. There was a time her mom went to the same highschool as her daughter, because she wanted to develop herself.

This persistence of making the best out of your life no matter what, hit me. And the gratefulness, even if things are tough. Always to see the best of any situation, even if other people around you are in a negative mood! It IS possible. This movie shows it!

The young girl keeps on walking, no matter what. Even if some fellows stop because of the snow, she keeps on going. Even if she is wounded because her shoes are too small, she keeps on walking.

Another lesson: she does not complain! Scroll III says: “I hear not those who weep and complain, for their disease is contagious. Let them join the sheep. The slaughterhouse of failure is not my destiny”. This girl knows that “stop her quest” is not an option, because it means go back to her story. To keep on walking, means to her: to get rid of the mental and emotional pain, to make things lighter!

Even if she is without water, she starts to pray and there is help always. She learns to trust again that there is always help. Even if a young man tries to intimidate her sexually, she is saved because the friend of this man calls him to come to him. Even there are so much distractions, even it is so easy to quit, even if she meets an lover, even if she meets a woman to walk together, she decides to keep on walking and to be alone!

She has really made a commitment to herself and her new life!

This movie for me is about trust, to keep on going with the “walk” you started, to finish GREAT, to be grateful for all the little things there are constantly around you, if you notice them (!), to persist, to experience there is a huge power inside of us that helps us when things are difficult, that with time, things become lighter if you have the persistance to keep on practicing.

In Scroll III you find:” I ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep mine eyes on the goals above my head, for I know that where dry desert ends, green grass grows”.

After 4 years (!!) in stead of 3 months walking, she has found her new life. The last picture of the movie is literrally a bridge. Metaphor for the bridge between her old life and her new life.  Wonderful!

Warm regards, Ranjana


27 December 2018 / Ranjana

Week 14- Gratitude changes my world

Being grateful is a way of living. It is by far the most loving way of living your life. This week every day I wrote 3 cards a day about what I am grateful for. It enhances my inner gratefulness enormously.

It changes everything: how I look at things, how I look at people, how I deal with feedback or critizism, how I see life in general. I wish everybody in this world lives from inner gratitude! It will change the world! It changes my world!

Living from inner gratitude for the world means: It will overcome differences, it will overcome wars, it will overcome difficulties, it will overcome emotional pain, it will overcome the “I am not good enough- syndrome”, it will overcome over-analyzing, it will overcome littleness, it will overcome comparisons, it will overcome anything that is seen as a problem.

I hope one day everybody lives from inner gratitude and that the word “will” (see above) as only possible in an imaginational future, is not used anymore, because it is “normal!!”

There is such an abundance around me I notice. What Mark Januszeweski already said:” Being grateful is seeing more and more things to be grateful for”. Yes, he is right! It IS so!!

It also enhances the feeling I am in the NOW. And there is less mental noise in the NOW. Everything is more quiet and I have attention for my surroundings and I also notice I am far more aware of the negative conditioning. That means I am faster with the Law of Substitution than when I did not practice being grateful.

There is also far more love in me and so.. around me. I feel a deep love connection with my partner and it grows more and more every day. Yes, I am so grateful for that also!

So… go for it! Do It NOW!

Thank you, I am grateful that you read my blog (s) 🙂

Warm regards, Ranjana




22 December 2018 / Ranjana

Week 13- Another Breakthrough- Gifts!

This is my second blog this week, because another BIG thing happened for me. Suddenly, yesterday, I was in the car and I thought about the MKE and the practice we’re doing on a daily basis. I thought about the Law of Subconscious and how everything we think constructively and systematically and constantly, will manifest itself. That’s how are lifes are created!

I found myself till yesterday mostly a victim of the mind. I tried many times to stop the mind. Sometimes it was quiet for a while and then “it” started all over again. And sometimes even more in the picture, because of the “pause”.

Yesterday, I suddenly realized: I choose my thoughts! I suddenly understood/ understand the whole “goal” of this MKE programm. It is no longer just doing affirmations and repeat them over and over, day in day out. It is about choosing what I like to think and then the Law of Subconscious takes over!

We are getting a very BIG gift here from the subconsciousness! I choose my thoughts- that is also something what gives me a feeling of true happiness and than it also manifest itself!! Wow!!

I choose my thoughts. This IS Thought Selection and Thought Control! Thank you! This is my new life!

And when a negative thought enters my mind; we have got so many tools from Mark and Davene to handle this. I sum up: NARC, the 7 Laws of the mind, “Hug the kettle”, Knee-elbow+ affirmations, write down your gratitude, some tools of the fast reading webinar such as: “Hum” and “dribble and shout “I am powerful”, breathing consciously etc.

So…. Today I start a new life and nothing retards my new life growth!

Warm regards,



20 December 2018 / Ranjana

Week 13- BIG breakthrough- I DO IT NOW!

Last week I found my sacrifice for my PPN’s “spiritual growth and autonomy” and since then I repeat to myself 3 times a day:” I easily follow my planning and structure”. Well… things are moving! And I am soooooo happy with it!!

Because to follow structure and planning; first you have to make one. Hahaha. And today I started to do something I planned for myself a loooooonnnggg time. So.. I am starting to get rid of my postponing things. Also yesterday.. I finally did some phonecalls I was also postponing already a long time!

So..things are moving.  What I really need, I have started!! Bringing structure and planning in my life.  That’s why I started MKE in the first place and now this is happening!!

“Today I begin a new life and I make a solemn oath to myself that nothing retards my new life growth”. Today I jumped out of the bed and I took a car full of stuff (!!) to the recyclestore. That is what I also wanted to do for a looooonnnngggg time! I feel already the difference in my mind. My mind is more empty. There is more rest in me.

And now I see, I need this FIRST and than make a structure and a planning. And it is going organically! I am so so so grateful for this!! You can’t imagine. The MKE has started this week for me. This was the biggest thing in my life… I feel my tears now..

To have a structure and a planning to have an easy happy life! And now I feel and see…It always felt like a huge huge mountain I could never overcome and now…  it goes easy! I go for it!! No excuses anymore. Just DO IT! I need it, I want it and NOW I DO IT!

I feel such a powerrrrrrr!!!


Warm regards, Ranjana



13 December 2018 / Ranjana

Week 12- My “sacrifice” ?

It took quite a while before I could find “the right sacrifice”.  Actually, I did write it, but it belonged more to “true health”. I learned from Megan, my guide, that the sacrifice must fit together with your personal pivotal needs (PPN’s). In my case they are: spiritual growth and autonomy.

So… I recently found out what my sacrifice is, belonging to my PPN’s. This is about starting to love (!!) to make a structure and a planning (for the year to come, divided in quarter months, months, weeks and days).  My planning and structure is somewhat chaotic. Lets say that 🙂

There ARE days lately I do the 3 rounds of MKE before 10 PM, but it is still quite rare. And WHEN I have done this, I feel such a joy and relief and proud that I CAN do it. And it is an art for me to not punish myself when I (again) did the third round far too late. So..lately I am quite tired, because I don’t get enough sleep.

So, just a few days ago, I wrote my sacrifice:” I easily  follow my planning and structure and I feel relaxed. I make quick decisions and I stick to it. Easily I say NO to people and things when they don’t fit in my planning (!!). I go on trips /holiday at least 4 times a year, alone or with friends ( = I am almost always working and almost never go on holiday or trips) and I let myself be ruled by my inner power and love” (=in stead of fear).

So… I am happy with my “sacrifice”. I put it between quotations, because it is really a need I have. A desire. Because NOT having a planning and structure makes me feel till now like an “ad hoc addicted”. And old subby says: ” just one more time you can do it this way.. you do it always, so it obviously works also”.

But… now I wrote it down what my desire IS and I read it out loud 3 times a day, and that makes things different. I feel it. I want this. I need it!! It is not a sacrifice. It is a MUST!

I can be what I will to be. I persist until I succeed. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, healthy, wealthy, happy, grateful. And so it is!

Warm regards, Ranjana



5 December 2018 / Ranjana

Week 11 – Bye bye old subby! ;-)

Some peptides seem more difficult to change than others. I love the affirmation: I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, healthy, wealthy, happy, grateful”. I also made a song of it and I love to sing it. That one goes really easy. I love to sing it all day long. But…. till a few days ago I struggled with planning, even if I promised myself to do it better the next day.

Old subby told me: “you still can’t plan, even if you do this MKE program”. And I saw myself sabotaging. Now.. I start to see that exactly THIS is the obstacle.

It is not the reading and all the affirmations etc, old subby doesn’t want a change, so it takes good care of itself and start distracting me and I believed it. Yes, in the past 😉

Because I see now clearly that THIS is what takes the most time- the distraction part, the sabotaging part, the “always-be-late” part, the “excuse-part”, the “victimized part”. #Oops.

This is why I started the MKE. Because of all this “wandering around”. Not really going somewhere. Well, I had ideas…but there was no focus. And precisely this, no focus, is / was here again. Of course. Hahaha.

I once learned: “how you do anything is how you do everything”. In the good way and in the bad way. So, I just started really with my new habit. To do the last third round of the MKE at a “decent” time and not at 0200 in the night. Now I start at 0900 in the evening with the last round and I go to bed after that. This is really something new, but I WANT it and I DO IT NOW because I don’t want to be sleepy all the time. And I was….

So…MKE here I go!

And I love the accountability partner to find in a Mastermindbuddy. I connected today with Victoria, she is a part of my (big) mastermindgroup. So… let’s take this to a whole new level!

I persist and I succeed!

Warm regards, Ranjana


29 November 2018 / Ranjana

Week 10- Miracles?

A lots of things changed since I started the Master Key Experience. This was my situation:

  • I wanted to have a breakthrough, because I was very well in postponing. I promised myself a lot of things and I did not start or did not finish it. That was not good for my self confidence.
  • I wanted to use my talents for myself in stead of only use them for others.
  • I wanted to take new steps in my business, but I did not dare.
  • I wanted to do webinars and Facebook lives and I always made up excuses.
  • I wanted to sell stuff online for years, and I never did it.
  • I wanted to have a VA- a virtual assistance to help me with online marketing and administration.
  • I wanted to have a good accountant for my business, but I postponed it and said to myself I could wait a little bit longer.
  • I wanted to give away stuff to the recycle store, but I was too lazy to do it.
  • I wanted to give workshops again, but I let doubt in about myself and was just making up excuses that it would not work out the way I wanted.

And now we are in Week 10! Here are the changes:

  • I am still doing the MKE. Haha…what about no dicipline??
  • I am feeling more self confidence every day!
  • Since 2 days I use my talents for myself and it feels very fulfilling.
  • I wrote my DMP and that I wanted to give a first workshop on November 25th 2018 for more than 15 entrepreneurs. Well… in the beginning there were only 4 people.
  • I hired a VA (!!)  and she kept on saying to promote more.
  • So…I started to give FB Lives (!!) and I started to give webinars!!!
  • And last Sunday there were more than 15 people on my workshop and it was a GREAT succes!!
  • I found a good accountant.
  • I have put my stuff from the house online to sell.
  • I brought stuff to the recycle store.

Other miracles:

I am doing the affirmation and have put it in a song (I added 3 more): ” I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, healthy, wealthy, happy, grateful” and I sing it for myself AND I put other names in it. Like my mom. My mom sleeps long hours in the night. Every day I sing for her in my house: ” My mom is whole, perfect, strong..etc. Yesterday in the morning she called me and told me: “I don’t understand what has happened, but I woke up at 08.00 AM and I am feeling energetic”!


And I also sing it for friends. One friend I had a little friction with. I sang it a few times. He does not know it. Neither my mom knows anything about this affirmation. That friend whatsapped me and wrote it would be nice to have some coffee…

So.. I am really happy with this whole program. It makes my heart sing!

Warm regards, Ranjana

22 November 2018 / Ranjana

Week 9- Being creative & more aware

Finally, things are coming together! I can watch TV at the gym, but instead of being distracted by the stories, I notice the sharps and the colors which direct me to my PPN’s and my Movie Poster. Even if I see a circle and it is white (in stead of “red” which is in my case “Autonomy”) I can still see “red”. So I am not “dependent” anymore of the “right” colors and shapes together.

A black square is fine. I see the square and a square is “blue” for me always. It reminds me of my dream of having my own trainingcentre in the South of France and it reminds me of the affirmation “Do it Now”.

I love it also to connect the 2 affirmations:” I can be what I will to be” and:” I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”. I easily can remember it, because I think of  “I am WPSPLHH”.  So I know the order. I say them right after each other and as much as possible during the day.

When I say to myself twice a day ” Do it Now” I look for blue everywhere. Or I look for squares. This all reminds me of how I can relate any thought to whatever I see. It better is a nice one, in stead of an automatic subconscious one.  Almost everything is automatic, I notice. The slightest things are unconscious and I (we) do it (them) all the time, like cooking dinner. So many things we have done so often. It is on autopilot.

And autopilot is the subconsciousness. These things also become more clear to me. How “big” the subconsciousness is and how important it is to be conscious and to be the “guard at the gate”. What do I want to let in, into my mind, body and spirit? The more I am conscious, the more I feel peace, power, love and happiness.

Warm regards, Ranjana