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21 March 2019 / Ranjana

Week 24 – Shift! (being vulnerable here)

Last week I was in Barcelona with my boyfriend. There I discovered I am really tired. I realized I thought I can do everything,  I thought I only have to sleep for just a few hours per night, I thought I can take care of everyone all the time etc etc. I got a big wakeup call in the plane to Spain. I see it as a signal from my body I really have to take care of it.

It is so easy to take care of everything and everyone around me that it has turned into a big habit/ pattern. I start to get insights now about my behavior to my body and that is quite confronting.  I took my body for granted. I thought it always works for me all the time, no matter if I did not sleep long enough and did not drink enough water during the day.  I did not take it seriously.

Than 3x a day I asked myself during a long time already” what am I pretending not to know?” And finally I found the answer. I forgot I have a body I need to take care of. I pretended for myself that the Universe (Universal mind) takes care of my body. I pretended that “I am indeed a Godly experience with a human experience” and that is why I forgot I have a body. I know it sound stupid, but I was really in big denial about this.

I always had my focus on work and earning money. Now I have the focus on my health. It is a must! It is priority. I feel this is a big transformation for me. My loved ones have said it before: “take more good care of your body. Go to sleep. Drink more water” etc. Is it not stupid that something must happen with your body, before you finally listen??

Well, it happened to me. And actually, I am glad it happened the way it did. Now I drink more water during the day and go to bed before 10PM and that is at least 3 hours earlier than I used to go to bed. In the afternoon I take a powernap. All big changes.

The idea of “first me, than others” start to come around more often. It is a start of a new journey. I’ll tell you more about it next week.

Warm regards, Ranjana



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  1. Marcel Mark Bolzern / Mar 21 2019 21:20

    Yup, “Me First” done correctly is not at all the same as “selfish”

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