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7 March 2019 / Ranjana

Week 22a- I feel home everywhere

One of the biggest changes for me is that I am free of the fears I had when I started this program. When I started I felt kind of being stuck. Stuck in a threadmill. I did not feel autonomy. I was kind of afraid to go into the world to talk to people. I felt like being locked up in my house. Working all the time. Being a workaholic.

Now after all these months, saying affirmations 3x a day ” I give myself permission to live autonomy” and a lot of other affirmations and doing a lot of the things of MKE, things have changed big time. I go out of my house. I talk to people very easily. I gave a webinar and there were 145 people interested in my subject! I am traveling in the Netherlands, staying here, staying there. Taking away my laptop, working everywhere.

I just love it!!

I noticed I like to move, to travel, meeting new people, working everywhere with my laptop. My world has become so much much much more bigger. It is a BIG difference!

Everything changes when there is more “space” inside. Fear can’t exist in “space”.

And the BIGGEST difference is I feel home everywhere. Whether I am with people I don’t know or who I know… everything is just fine. It makes life so much more easier!

I know now: I have come home in ME, that is why I am home everywhere around the globe. I was always afraid of losing people. Now I notice I was not really at home with myself. So that was the reason I was afraid to be abandoned. Now I feel happy with myself and that is AMAZING to notice/ to feel / to experience.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, healthy, happy, relaxed!

Warm regards, Ranjana


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