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14 March 2019 / Ranjana

Week 23 – Being in silence…wow!

Last week I was almost 48 hours in silence. It was a wonderful experience! I noticed so much more things that are beautiful. I saw the wind, the leaves of the trees before my house waving in the wind, the cat that climbed in a tree, the sky full of white clouds, changing with blue sky and grey clouds and sun, I saw the astringent rain on the windows… I enjoyed it so much!

I really enjoyed the food. I was really conscious about taking a shower. I saw the waterdrops falling. I read a book. That has been a loooooonnnnggggg time ago !! So..I did a lot of things far more conscious.

And also… it felt so much more quiet in me. The hours of the day. It also felt sometimes somewhat uncomfortable for not grabbing the smartphone and watch Facebook. But I noticed also a big difference; I could listen to my body far more easily and I went to bed pretty early. I wanted to do that already a long time ago, but I found myself distracted a lot of times with work (online) and social media.

And now..this was the time to go to bed at 10PM! So I woke up less tired than I use to do!

I noticed the moments that I felt bored and before the silence I immediately grabbed my phone or put on my laptop. And now I just could see the thoughts coming.. and going! Ahaaa… now I could see they are moving.. in stead of bothering me!

I was more in the NOW. And actually I still am… So.. if you have not done it. Please do!

It really enriches your life!

Warm regards, Ranjana

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