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17 January 2019 / Ranjana

Week 17- Challenges

My dad was in the hospital. He was never in the hospital as a patient, only as a doctor. So.. I had some challenges about keep on doing the Master Key Experience, 1,5- 2 hours a day, because my mind was somewhat worried. I also did not keep my promises about the Plan Of Action.

In stead of myself “beating up” for that, I looked what I had done last week. And I changed it on my Plan Of Action indexcard. I wrote: “doing the best I can”. And that is what I did.

Because I was not too accurate with the program last week, except of noticing kindnesses (I did notice a LOT of them!!)  I also notice this week is a kind of a challenge to do everything I used to do before my dad went to the hospital.  That is how old subby  works.

If you let yourself be distracted like I did.. old subby can be stubborn to keep on where you were in the program. But.. I did. I found my New Self again this week and I persist until I succeed! It also has to do with decisiveness. That is my virtue to focus on this week.

And actually.. I am quite happy to see and to say.. I noticed already a few decisions of myself! Old subby told me that I “always” (= a typical word for old subby) find it very difficult to decide. Well…. that is just not true!! That is also a nice thing of the MKE: to find out that old subby just says something to be negative, but if you are alert and aware, mostly the opposite is true! That is a real nice discovery!!

I have noticed; when things are really important, I CAN decide. So, that is a good point to start with! I love to give myself compliments and I love to compliment others. Because ” I greet every day with love in my heart. And nothing retards my new life growth”. All sentences of the book of Og Mandino. A must-read!

Henceforth, (a remarkable word!) despite challenges I found my New Self again and I am grateful for that!

Warm regards, Ranjana


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  1. amy swift / Jan 19 2019 01:07

    Queen Ranjana inspite of challenges… you got that one right… you found your New Self! Thanks for the blog post. I am posting to Facebook for you. See you next week!

  2. Jennifer Hunter / Jan 19 2019 08:11

    Congratulations on giving yourself grace for a less than 100% week and for getting back on track.

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