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7 February 2019 / Ranjana

Week 20 -Remarkable difference

For the very first time ever I took my mom for a wellness weekend trip. I paid everything and it felt/ feels so good. I never had the finances for such a thing, but now I do. It was on my bucketlist. I wanted to thank my mom for all her help and support with my business. And finally it was the moment…

The nicest part was, when she said she wanted to pay the half of the stay. And I said: ‘we’ll see”. But I knew already for myself that I wanted to pay everything. At the end of the weekend, before she could ask for the check, I had already paid. And I said to her:” I have let you think that you would pay the half of this stay. Otherwise you would not take another wine, or dessert or apple pie. And now you ordered what you want. And that is what I wanted to! Not holding back a thing!”

My mom was amazed and proud and touched… and I felt/ feel this wonderful Law of Giving and Receiving. Indeed, giving IS receiving. We had a wonderful time, we laughed and we talked … It was just great!

By doing this program, I am putting my mind right. That means I am thinking far more positive. I actually have a lot of positive thoughts. And the most remarkable thing for myself was that every time my mom said something negative or “it could be better if…”sentences, – I said out loud: ” God” . I noticed then, that I have become so much more positive in my thinking. It felt so quiet in myself. It was /is almost uncomfortable.

Being more in the moment- the change of my thoughts and feelings- there is not so much to say anymore.. I notice there are a lot of stories. Everyone has a story. Everybody is sharing stories about people what they do/ have done to them/ with them etc. If I am not joining them… it seems almost I am on a other planet.

I see definitely the good side of this. And… it feels a bit uncomfortable…Finding my way in this. To start feeling good in this stillness…

I am curious about you. How are you dealing in this program Master Key Experience, with this new side of you? Let me know!

Warm regards, Ranjana


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  1. patsexperiences / Feb 13 2019 23:16

    I enjoyed your blog, especially your feelings at being able to pay for everything. I think that giving back to your parents is one of those rare moments for most people but gives us such a sense of achievement to know that we were able to fully, both physically / financially and emotionally give back to someone who is so special. I found myself doing the same thing with my Mom. She has always wanted to see John Edwards in person because she is so fascinated with psychics. Last year,I received a notice that John Edwards was going to be in town in January. I purchased three tickets; one for my mom, one for my partner who had just lost her mom on Christmas Day and one for myself. During the show, I just sat and watched my mom’s face light up with joy. Afterwards she just kept thanking me. It was awesome. Thank you again.

    • Ranjana / Feb 23 2019 16:31

      Oh wow! What a beautiful story! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

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