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28 February 2019 / Ranjana

Week 22a- Getting back on track

It was great to share with my guide and another teammember in a Zoom-call, that I am busy with getting back on track. For the first time since MKE started, I am not that diciplined anymore and I feel guilty about it. Better said: old subby feels guilty about it. At the same time I feel the big difference when I am on track and when I am NOT on track.

It is also true that the affirmations are now so in my “bloodstream” that I am singing all day long ” I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, healthy, happy, relaxed” and ” I can be what I will to be”. This has become a kind of a new habit.

Even when there are days that I am doing Salesman and everything only 1 time, there are still differences with the old Ranjana. I am more grateful, I am happier, I am more experiencing as if this day is my last day. Things have become more simple.

It is easier to be in the flow of Divine Mind and having a more positive mind than before. It is far more easier to have this 17 seconds fake smile, to start feeling positive again. All these things Mark is offering us, are really working!

I love these practical tools. We also learned about how to turn around our emotions. How we can use our negative emotions to expand who we really are. That is really interesting. I notice my first emotion is “anger”. When something happens by which I let myself being influenced in a negative way, I feel anger. And indeed…that is a POWERFUL energy which I can use for doing things I postponed for a long time.

So.. it is good to notice that even that I am not that diciplined like in the beginning and getting back on track again.. a lot of new habits I live already! That is huge! What a gift!!

Looking forward to next week!

Warm regards, Ranjana

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